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About Uechi-Ryu of Los Angeles



At Uechi-ryu of Los Angeles, a driving philosophy is that we are working and helping each to better our character and practice.  In this vein, we are all partners assisting each other to achieve our respective goals.  Thus, a new dynamic has emerged in that there is a richer and deeper relationship within the dojo that goes beyond the traditional student/teacher or senior/junior construct that is based on mutual respect and appreciation for the talent, gifts and trust placed in each other.  We, therefore, have abandoned the term "student" in favor of the term "training partner" which more fully expresses (although not quite entirely) this philosophy. This philosophy enhances the experience within the boundaries of traditional Okinawan karate principles. 


Recognition of progress and achievement in the art of traditional karate is an integral part and joy of our practice.  Belt promotions and rankings, however, are not the "be-all and end-all" of our practice.  These achievements are, instead, a reflection of the skills that each member has attained within our particular system. More importantly, the training is focused on the transmission of traditional Okinawan karate for health, self defense, life long learning and the integration of mind, body and spirit.


Whether you are affiliated with Okikukai, IUKF, Kenyukai or any of the many other Uechi-ryu organizations that exist throughout the globe, you are welcome to train with us.

Fro transfer participants, should you wish to become a member and test for dan rank under Okikukai West, you are encouraged to speak to your current instructor concerning your intention so as to ensure a smooth transition and the maintenance of friendly relationships between Okikukai West and all other Uechi-ryu organizations.


For individuals unfamiliar with traditional karate activities please be prepared to be engaged in the following activities when you become a member of the dojo.

martial arts forms (katas)

pre-arranged sparring

free sparring

self-defense scenarios


iron body conditioning

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